electronic customer relationship management for hospital

System Features:

  • It works through web technology.
  • The system can be run from the web browser of your device or smartphone.
  • It does not require installation on your device.
  • You can open the system wherever you are Installing the system on the client’s server or on the cloud.
  • Unlimited number of users.
  • Full control over users’ privileges.
  • Module for patients data management.
  • The ability to send customized text messages to customers.
  • Module for doctors data management.
  • Easily set a doctor’s schedule.
  • Module for managing marketing offers for each clinic and every doctor.
  • Module for managing reservations for patients.
  • Appointment confirmation feature.
  • The property of confirming the attendees’ attendance on their reserved dates.
  • The feature of sending text messages to patients when reserving a new appointment.
  • The feature of sending reminders to patients to remind them of their appointments.
  • Module for managing patients’ requests.
  • The possibility of appointing an administrator for each type of request.
  • A module for managing patients’ inquiries.
  • The ability to comment on requests and inquiries and attach attachments to each comment.
  • The feature of common questions with the ability to add attachments to it.
  • A module for managing complaints complaints.
  • The feature of sending text messages to patients when a new complaint is opened and when it is closed.
  • The ability to comment on complaints and attach attachments to each comment.
  • Customer satisfaction measurement.

system notification :

  • Send notifications to administrators via e-mail when opening a new complaint, request or inquiry.
  • Show the number of notifications to the user in the notification icon when opening the system

system reports:

  • The system provides many detailed and summary reports
  • The system provides many summary graphical reports