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Avaya IP Office 500 – (Rel 10+) Voicemail Pro RFA 2 License

This license enables 2 additional VoiceMail Pro ports on an IP Office system. IP Office VoiceMail Pro is a messaging server application that runs on a Windows server PC. It is enabled through the Preferred Edition license which includes the first 4 ports of VoiceMail Pro.


The Avaya IP Office Preferred Edition 2 Additional Port Licenses expands your Release 10 or higher Preferred Edition voicemail by adding 2 additional Ports.

Avaya IP Office Release 10 Preferred Edition 2 Additional Port License Features:

  • Adds 2 additional VoiceMail Pro channels
  • The IP500V2 support up to 40 channels on PC or Server.
  • The IP500V2 supports 40 channels if voicemail only, 20 channels when One-X Portal is also installed
  • With Server Edition, max number of channels depends on server type and other factors, max range is 75 to 150 channels total.
  • Use this license for Release 10.0+
  • Requires a Preferred Edition license on IP500V2